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10 Important Vocabulary words Day-7 from The Hindu

Vocabulary words day-7

We publish daily ten important English Vocabulary words from The Hindu newspaper, which will help you in various exams like IBPS PO, SSC, CAT, MAT, etc. So today, we are publishing Vocabulary words day-7 list.

Here are 10 Vocabulary words day-7

1) Absurd- बेतुका, हास्यास्पद

Absurd is an adjective and noun, which means “something irrelevant or meaningless.”

Synonyms- Ridiculous, Silly, Crazy, Foolish, Stupid, Illogical, Irrational, Laughable.

Antonyms- Reasonable, Sensible, Valid, Sagacious, Prudent.

Example- Because of his absurd logic, people don’t respect him.

2) Erupt- फूटना, निकल आना

Erupts is a verb, which means to burst or explode.”

Synonyms- Break, Burst, Spurt, Break up, Emit, Explode.

Antonyms- Come, Consign, Catch, Contain, Bring, Disappear.

For example- when the police arrested an innocent man, the violence erupted.

3) Coercion- जोर जबरदस्ती, प्रताडन

Coercion is a noun, which means” to force someone.”

Synonyms- Pressure, Constraint, Severity, Ferocity, Force.

Antonyms- Liberty, Option, Assign, Choose, Appoint.

Example- coerce with an innocent woman is against humanity.

4) Extortion- जबरन वसूली

It is a noun, which means” the act of obtaining something by threatening or forcefully.”

Synonyms- Blackmail, Squeeze, Theft, Drive, Violence.

Antonyms- Peace, Support, Donate, Charity.

Example- Yesterday, the police arrested three goons, who used to do extortion in the market.

5) Sedentary- निष्क्रिय, बैठा रहने वाला

Sedentary is an adjective, which means” inactive or spends time seated.”

Synonyms- Inactive, Immobile, Sluggish, Idle, Dormant, Lifeless.

Antonyms- Animated, Travel, Zippy, Athletic, Drifting.

Example- These days, the kids are becoming sedentary because of TV.

6) Instance- उदाहरण, प्रेरणा, अनुरोध करना

It is a noun as well as a verb, which means” an example of something and to request someone.”

Synonyms- Sample, Case, Specimen, Illustration, Example, Request.

Antonyms- Fable, Sire, Periodicity, Indication.

Example- Sandeep Maheshwari is an excellent instance for the youth.

7) Racial- जातीय, जातिगत

Racial is an adjective, which means” related to genetically.”

Synonyms- Tribal, Cultural, Racist, Genetic, Traditional.

Antonyms- Nonracial, Secular.

Example- India is known for its racial unity.

8) Indignity- अनादर, तिरस्कार, अनादर

It is a noun, which means” not giving respect or insult someone.”

Synonyms- Insult, Abuse, Put down, Dishonor, Slight, Humiliation.

Antonyms- Honor, Respect, Regard, Glory, Admire, Gratitude, Dignity.

Example- After failed in the examination, the boy could not bear the indignity, so he took his own like.

9) Wizard- जादूगर

It is a noun, which means” a man having magical power.”

Synonyms- Witch, Magician, Expert.

Antonyms- Ametuer, Callow, Beginner, Natural

Example- A wizard practices hard before showing his feat.

10) Pretend- दिखावा करना, ढोंग कारण

Pretend is a verb, which means” showing off or unrealistic behavior.”

Synonyms- Artificial, Fake, Drama, Show off, Make believe.

Antonyms- Real, Honest, Truth, Genuine, Actual.

Example- People who always pretend they never live their actual life.

These are the Important Vocabulary words day-7 list with meaning in Hindi. I hope you learn something new today. Please share this with your friends so that they also be benefited.

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