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10 Important English Vocabulary Words list Day-3

vocabulary words day-3

We publish Daily English Vocabulary Words, which are very useful for Bank PO, SSC, and other Exam Aspirants. Today we publishing vocabulary words day-3

10 Important English Vocabulary Words Day-3

1) Stagger- (noun)

Hindi Meaning-चौंका देना

English Meaning- Deeply shocking

Synonyms- Astonish, Amaze, Stumble, Stun, Surprise

Antonyms- Calm, Stay, Clear up

Example- Michael Jackson was the first dancer who Staggered the world with his Staggering dance moves.

2) Uproar- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- शोरगुल

English Meaning: a noise or disturbance.

Synonyms- Turmoil, Ruckus, Rumpus, Din, Riot, Tumult

Antonyms- Peace, Calm, Hush, Silence, Harmony

Example- Indian roads are full of uproar due to the unwanted loud horn.

3) Enthrall- (verb)

Hindi Meaning- मंत्रमुग्ध करना

English Meaning- to make someone interested or draw attention.

Synonyms- Delight, Captivate, Charm, Mesmerise, Enchant

Antonyms- Bore, Tire, Disenchant, Dull, Annoy

Example: Many places in India which Enthrall the Foreigners.

4) Dispel- (verb)

Hindi Meaning- दूर करना

English Meaning- to take away or disappear something (feeling, belief or Doubt)

Synonyms- Scatter, Breakup, Dissipate, Disperse

Antonyms- Collect, Gather, Accumulate, Compile

Example- Nowadays Google becomes a vital medium to dispel any doubt

5) Vivacious- (adjective)

Hindi Meaning- जिंदादिल

English Meaning- live with joy or cheerful

Synonyms- Lively, Spirited, Animated, Cheerful

Antonyms- Dull, Spiritless, Lazy, Boring, Sad, Sluggish

Example- Skilful and Vivacious Virat Kohli is one of the best batsmen in the world.

6) Prowess- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- कौसल, बीरता, दिलेरी

English Meaning- Skilled in Particular field and Bravery

Synonyms- Valor, Courage, Heroism, Bravery, professionalism, Expert

Antonyms- Weakness, Inability, Fright, Cowardice

Example- Indian Soldiers have shown their Prowess many times in History.

7) Skyrocket- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- बढ़ना

English Meaning- Rise or Increases something ( price, rate)

Synonyms- Soar, Improve, Arise, Progress, Increase

Antonyms- Crush, Collapse, Comedown, Debase

Example- The price of vegetables skyrocketed due to heavy rain in the farming area.

8) Daunt- (verb)

Hindi Meaning- भयभीत करना

English Meaning- to feel someone intimidated or apprehensive

Synonyms- Intimidate, Discourage, Scare, Frighten, Terrify

Antonyms- Encourage, Aid, Assist, Stimulated, Insist

Example- There is nothing in this world that can make us daunt if we have the courage.

9) Slapstick- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- हँसी मजाक, तमाशा

English Meaning- a way of comedy

Synonyms- Funny, Comedy, Comic, Amusing, Humorous

Antonyms- Humorless, Calamity, Curse, Debacle

Example- We should live our life with Slapstick way.

10) Inundate- (verb)

Hindi Meaning- जलमग्न कर देना

English Meaning- submerge an area with water.

Synonyms- Flood, Swamp, Deluge, Immerse, Submerge

Antonyms- Dry, Drain, Arid, Drought

Example- There are so many places in India Inundate in the rainy season.

These are the list of 10 Important English Vocabulary words Day-3


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