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Important vocabulary word list with meaning and sentence Day-8

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Important vocabulary word list with meaning and sentence Day-8

Hello, readers, we are going to publish a daily English Vocabulary Word list. These English words are from The Hindu Newspaper. If you are preparing for Government Jobs or if you are a school or college student, these Vocabulary words will help you to improve your English ability. These words are also important for the students who are preparing for various exams like CAT, XAT, CMAT, SNAP, IIFT, CMAT, GMAT, IBPS PO, SBI PO, RRB, SSC CGL, etc.

Vocabulary Word list for Day-8

1) Assault- (verb)

Hindi Meaning- हमला करना

English Meaning- Physically attack

Synonyms- Attack, Raid, Onslaught, Invasion, Violate, Aggression

Antonyms- Guard, Security, Protect, Safeguard, Shield, Defend, Befriend

Example Sentence- Terrorists from across the border, always looks to assault in India.

2) Snatch- (verb)

Hindi Meaning- छीन लेना, चुरा लेना

English Meaning- an act of quickly capturing something

Synonyms- Grab, Catch, Abduct, Capture

Antonyms- Release, Exemption, Liberty, Relief, Let go

Example- Chain snatching incident is common in some Indian cities.

3) Perpetrator- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- पापी, दोषी

English Meaning- a person who has done a crime

Synonyms- Criminal, Malefactor, Crook, Culprit, Convict, Villain

Antonyms- Victim, Innocent, Blameless, Sinless, Honest

Example- The perpetrators of the Mumbai terror attack are living a tension-free life in Pakistan.

4) Leap- (noun & verb)

Hindi Meaning- छलांग मरना, उछाल

English Meaning- A jump into the air and an increase

Synonyms- Spring, Bounce, Rise, Jump, Surge, Increase

Antonyms- Decrease, Drop, Abate, Dip, Fall

Example- Due to good Moonson, the leap can be seen at the share market.

5) Emulate- (verb)

Hindi Meaning- अनुकरण करना

English Meaning- to copy someone

Synonyms- Mimic, Copycat, Imitate, Follow, Ditto

Antonyms- Reject, Jostle, Ignore

Example- If you are emulating someone, you are losing your talent.

6) Exodus- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- प्रस्थान, बिदाई

English Meaning- A mass departure from a particular place

Synonyms- Exit, Departure, Leaving, Going, Migration

Antonyms- Come, Arrival, Entrance, Appearance, Landing

Example Sentence- Because of war in Syria, the exodus of people is becoming a common problem.

7) Norm- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- मापदंड, कशौटी

English Meaning- A rule or standard

Synonyms- Pattern, Measure, Rule, Law, Standard, Criteria

Antonyms- Anomaly, Exception, Outlier, Censure

Example Sentence- The employees who don’t follow the norms of the company, rusticated by the company.

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8) Hurdle- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- बाधा, अबरोध

English Meaning- facing difficulty

Synonyms- Bound, Difficulty, Barrier, Obstacle, Impediment

Antonyms- Aid, Help, Assist, Facilitate, Cooperate

Example Sentence- Hurdle comes everyone’s life, but those who faced it courageously, they made history.

9) Flagship- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- मुख्य, सर्वोत्कृष्ट

English Meaning- Main or best thing or product

Synonyms- Prime, Main, Head, Iconic, Leader, Primary, Elite, Leading, Top

Antonyms- Pointless, Old, Lagging, Non-flagship, Worthless

Example Sentence- Apple will launch its next flagship device iPhone 8.

10) Rhetoric- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- शब्दाडम्बर, भाषण कला

English Meaning- A talking skill

Synonyms- Oral ability, Expressiveness, Elocution, Verbosity, Speech, Discourse

Antonyms- Conciseness, Brief, Recap

Example Sentence- Indian Politicians are known for their Rhetoric skills.

These are the 10 Vocabulary Word list for day-8. Hope you learned something new today. Learn daily English vocabulary to improve your English. You can learn from the daily English vocabulary word list.

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