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10 Most Important Words For Vocabulary Practice

Vocabulary PracticePractice daily Vocabulary so that your English can improve very quickly. Also, vocabulary practice is playing an essential role in the exam like CAT, IBPS PO, SSC, and other exams.

We provide daily 10 vocabularies so that it can be helpful for you to achieve whatever your goal, it may be to improve spoken English or to score good marks in the English section.

Vocabulary Practice for Day-13

1) Triumph- जितना, सफलता 

Triumph is a noun as well as a verb, which means to win or success” 

Synonyms- Win, Success, Victory, Glory, Prevail, Achievement.

Antonyms- Defeat, loss, Fail, Forfeit, Flip, Debacle,

Example Sentence- If you work hard sincerely, triumph will automatically follow you.

2) Realm- क्षेत्र

It is a noun, which means an area of interest or a territory

Synonyms- Areal, Empire, State, Land, Region, Zone, Province, Domain.

Antonyms- Estate, Hell, Sky, Foreign.

Example Sentence- Never challenge anyone outside of your realm.

3) Edible- खाने योग्य

Edible is an adjective, which means eatable or the food which can be eaten

Synonyms- Eatable, Goog to eat, Wholesome, Savory. Digestible.

Antonyms- Poison, Harmful, Inedible, Vile, Uneatable.

Example Sentence- There are lots of food which is not edible, but shops are selling them openly.

4) Showdown- निर्णायक मुकाबला 

Showdown is a noun, which means the last or final fight” 

Synonyms- Clash, Conflict, Confrontation, Climax, Collision, Combat.

Antonyms- Peace, Agreement, Consensus, Agreement.

Example Sentence- Vijender Singh has defeated the Chinese opponent in a showdown.

5) Counter- बिरोध करना, विपरीत, गिनने का यन्त्र, जवाबी हमला

It is a noun as well as a verb, which means “to confront, backfire and calculator”

synonyms- Oppose, Reverse, Contradict, Buffet, Hinder, Resist.

Antonyms- Support, Agree, Equal, Acquiescence, Similar.

Example Sentence- The army has done a strong counter-attack on the terrorists.

6) Retrench- कम करना, घटाना 

Retrench is a verb, which means “to reduce something”

Synonyms- Reduce, Decrease, Cut down, Shorten, Deduct, Trim.

Antonyms- Add, Increase, Augment, Enlarge, Extend, Multiply.

Example Sentence- The company has decided to retrench the salary of the employees.

7) Possession- कब्जा, स्वामित्व, अधिकृत

Possession is a noun, which means “owning or controlling something”

Synonyms- Hold, Ownership, Control, Occupancy, Tenancy.

Antonyms- Release, Give up, Want, Ejectment, Forfeit.

Example Sentence- The goons have possessed many lands illegally in the city.

8) Remonstrate- बिरोध करना, आपत्ति करना 

Remonstrate is a verb, which means “to oppose or protest”

Synonyms- Object, Argue, Disapprove, Dispute, Complain, Admonish.

Antonyms- Accept, Allow, Agree, Confess, Obey.

Example Sentence- The opposition party Remonstrates without any logic in the lower house of the parliament.

9) Demonstrate- प्रमाणित करना, दिखाना 

Demonstrate is a verb, which means “showing something with proof” 

Synonyms- Display, Illustrate, Reveal, Expose, Disclose, Exhibit.

Antonyms- Conceal, Hide, Secret, Cover, Shut.

Example Sentence- The scientist demonstrated his new invention in a press conference.

10) Electrocute- बिजली से मरना या मारना

Electrocute is a verb, which means “Death or kill by electric shock”

Synonyms- Kill, Dead, Burn, Murder, Punish, Behead.

Antonyms- Save, Protect, Cure.

Example Sentence- The electricity department should repair the outdated wires so that no one electrocutes due to an accident.

These are the ten important vocabularies for day-13. Do daily vocabulary practice so that you will improve your English.

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