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Daily 10 Important English Vocabulary Day-6 From The Hindu

vocabulary day-6

We publish Daily 10 Most Important Vocabulary day-6. This will improve your English Ability and help you to crack various Government job exams like IBPS PO, SSC, RAILWAYS, and other entrance exams like CAT, MAT, and XAT.

Here are the ten most important Vocabulary Day-6

1) Heedless- असावधान, ध्यान न देना 

Headless is an adjective, which means “lack of attention.”

Synonyms- Careless, Reckless, Negligent, Rash, Thoughtless

Antonyms- Thoughtful, Heedful, Careful, Cautious, Observant

Example- Because of his heedless nature, he failed his exam.

2) Despite- के बाबजूद, बिरोध, गुस्सा 

It is a preposition and a noun, which means “not affected and showing rampage.”

Synonyms- However, Despite, Even though, Malevolence, Even

Antonyms- Exalt, Because of

Example- The Indian cricket team won the test match despite Virat Kohli’s failure.

3) Underutilized- कम उपयोग करना

It is a verb, which means “less use.”

Synonyms- Less use, Underuse

Antonyms- Overuse, Excess use

Example- He Underutilized his intelligence in his first game of chess.

4) Repeal- रद्द करना, खंडन करना 

It is a verb, which means “to revoke something.”

Synonyms- Cancel, Annul, Abolish, Revoke, Quash, Nullify

Antonyms- Improve, Arrange, Continue, Sanction, Sustain

Example- The Sri Lankan cricket team repealed its Pakistan tour due to security reasons.

5) Dispute- बिबाद, मतभेद 

The dispute is a noun as well as a verb, which means “lack of agreement.”

Synonyms- Conflict, Argument, Argue, Fight, Contest

Antonyms- Trust, Agreement, Solution, Amid, Accept

Example- India and China always have tension because of border disputes.

6) Arbitration- मध्यस्तता 

It is a noun, which means “settle the issue between two sides.”

Synonyms- Settlement, Fix, Resolution, Mediation

Antonyms- Affront, Challenge, Disagreement, Instigation

Example- If our two friends are fighting, we should arbitrate there.

7) Potion- खुराक, मिश्रित औषधी 

The potion is a noun, which means “a healing substance.”

Synonyms- Dose, Tonic, Medicine, Solution

Antonyms- Poison, Harmful substance

Example- Every day, millions of newborn babies die due to a lack of potion in the world.

8) Eradicate- जड़ से मिटाना

Eradicate is a verb, which means “to terminate something.”

Synonyms- Eliminate, Delete, Destroy, Remove, Terminate

Antonyms- Establish, Aid, Construct, Help, Plant

Example- Farmers use Insecticide to eradicate insects in their farms.

9) Tribunal- न्यायाधिकरण, प्राधिकरण 

Tribunal is a noun, which means “Judiciary System.”

Synonyms- Judicature, Court, Bench, Legislature, Council

Antonyms- Unjustness

Example- The Indian tribunal system is known for its justness.

10) Expedition- अभियान, मुहिम, चढ़ाई 

It is a noun, which means “a mission for some reason.”

Synonyms- Trip, Mission, Outing, Movement, Drive

Antonyms- Bliss, slowing, Abide, Blockage

Example- The Indian army is on an expedition to eradicate the terrorists.

These are 10 English Vocabulary Day-6 for today. We publish daily ten most important Vocabulary. Please share this so that everyone can be benefited.

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