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Tips to Solve Word Swapping and Conjunction Questions for Competitive Exams

The Word Swapping and Conjunction topics are asked in the English section of many competitive exams. These topics are very scoring and you must be well prepared for such topics to boost your final score. The questions from these topics also do not take much time to solve if you have your basics cleared and have enough practice.  In this article, we will look at the details about both the topics and then discuss some tips to solve these accurately and fast to save time.

Word Swapping

Word swapping is the most commonly asked topic in most banking exams. Word Swapping is called error spotting grammar or vocabulary based. Spotting mistakes based on vocabulary is something that requires you to spot the sentences and errors that do not fit in the context. The word needs to be corrected and replaced with the appropriate word to make the sentence contextually correct.

Tips to Solve Questions from the Topic Word Swapping

The word swapping questions can be asked in a lot of ways and the candidates must read the directions to solve the questions carefully and fully understand what is being asked and what needs to be done.

Once you know what is being asked of you to solve the question, read the given statements and try to find the mistakes while reading them. When you find some mistake try to find any grammatical relationship between the mistake and the words before it. This will help you to come up with the correct alternative to the mistake and will help you easily solve the question.

Let us look at Conjunctions with their uses and tips to solve them.


The conjunction is a very important topic as it will help to solve many types of questions in the Paper of General English and indirect questions can also be expected from this topic. Government exams like IBPS, CLERK, PO, SO, CDS, SSC, RRB, and Defence Exams. Mastering conjunctions will help you to not only ace the English Section but also enable you to write effectively. It helps in making the sentences crisp and clear with the usage of proper conjunctions and avoiding big sentences. Let us discuss more conjunctions so that you get an idea of what exactly they are and the best way to use them.

What is a Conjunction?

Conjunctions are the words that bridge or glue the words with words. They can be used for joining Subject with Subjects, Sentences with Sentences, Part of Sentence with parts of Sentences, and clauses together. They help in conjoining the or parts of speech of a language.

Why Are Conjunctions Used?

Conjunctions are used to avoid choppy sentences and repetition or redundancy. It helps allow better understanding and elaboration of the Language. The conjunctions also explain Idiomatic phrases knowledge as some of them are used as ‘provided that’, ‘As well as’. They allow relating one idea with another.

Both these topics can be mastered with practice and proper knowledge of the basics. Master them and increase your chances to grab more marks in the final exam. Solve questions of word swapping and conjunctions from previous papers and mock tests. More practice will help you get more comfortable in solving questions accurately in the exam with minimum time which will allow you to save some time for the lengthy questions later.

These are some points about word swapping and conjunctions. We hope you found this article insightful. If you have any queries related to either of the topics, feel free to reach out to us in the comment section below.

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