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Study Vocabulary With Synonyms And Antonyms Day-16

Study vocabularyWe provide daily ten vocabularies so that you can study vocabulary regularly. Reading vocabulary words every day can improve your English drastically.

You can read our previous vocabulary lists.

Study vocabulary from Day-16 list Provided below.

1) Standpoint (noun)

English meaning- Having a viewpoint on any issue.

Hindi meaning- दृष्टिकोण

Synonyms- Viewpoint, Attitude, Stance, Aspect, Opinion

Antonyms- Dumb, Peer, Neutral.

Example Sentence- We should have a clear standpoint for our future.

2) Encompass (verb)

English meaning- Surround something or hold within.

Hindi meaning- घेरना, शामिल करना

Synonyms- Cover, Surround, Embody, Encircle, Enclose.

Antonyms- Exclude, Annul, Abolish.

Example Sentence- We have encompassed all the places on our list, where we want to visit.

3) Notion (noun)

English meaning- A conception about something.

Hindi meaning- धारणा, बिचार, इरादा

Synonyms- Thought, Idea, Conception, Belief, Sentiment.

Antonyms-Truth, Fact, Actuality, Reality.

Example Sentence- Due to his absurd notion, people always make the joke on him.

4) Liberty (noun)

English meaning- The privilege or right of freedom.

Hindi meaning- आजादी, स्वाधीनता

Synonyms- Autonomy, Freedom, Privilege, Exemption, Right, Licence.

Antonyms- Restraint, Slavery, Imprisonment, Captivity, Arrest, Coercion.

Example Sentence- Some people misuse the liberty in the name of freedom of speech.

5) Impediment (noun)

English meaning- An obstruction in any work.

Hindi meaning- बाधा, हकलाहट

Synonyms- Barrier, Difficulty, Hurdle, Hamper, Hindrance, Obstacle.

Antonyms- Privilege, Aid, Help, Assist, Support.

Example Sentence- When we start doing something, impediments come, but we should not stop.

6) Hospice (noun)

English meaning- A residential home for poor and ill people.

Hindi meaning- धर्मशाला

Synonyms- Roadhouse, Shelter, Monastery, Hospitium, Asylum.

Antonyms- Unfriendly place, Jail, Hell.

Example Sentence- A hospice is like a heaven for poor people.

7) Strive (verb)

English meaning- Working hard for something

Hindi meaning- संघर्ष करना, प्रयास करना

Synonyms- Fight, Endeavor, Struggle, Try, Battle, Labor.

Antonyms- Chill, Relax, Lazy, Dull, Idle.

Example Sentence- If you strive, sincerely, success will follow you.

8) Dawn (verb and noun)

English meaning- The first appearance of sun

Hindi meaning- उदय, प्रकट होना, जाग उठना

Synonyms- Rise, Morning, Start, Illumination, Sunrise.

Antonyms- End, Death, Finish, Demise, Sunset.

Example Sentence- The farmers always wake up before dawn and start working in their fields.

9) Consensus (noun)

English meaning- an agreement

Hindi meaning- आम सहमति, तालमेल

Synonyms- Accord, Unity, Agreement, Unison, Understanding, Deal.

Antonyms- Clash, Dispute, Conflict, Difference, Disagreement, Dissensus.

Example Sentence- The consensus between the two sides brought peace in the village.

10) Herculean (adjective)

English meaning- Heavy or massive.

Hindi meaning- बलशाली, बिशाल

Synonyms- Huge, Strong, Enormous, Colossal, Jumbo.

Antonyms- Small, Tiny, Normal, Conventional.

Example Sentence- A Herculean cyclone destroyed thousands of houses in the city.

These are the vocabulary words for the Day-16. We will bring another list of 10 vocabularies tomorrow so that you can study vocabulary regularly.

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