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Learn English vocabulary words with Hindi meaning day-11

learn english vocabularyIf you want to learn English vocabulary words with Hindi meaning, with the sentence, and with synonyms and antonyms, you are in the right place.

We provide ten vocabularies a day from The Hindu editorial page, which is vital for your upcoming exams.

Why should you Learn English vocabulary?

Vocabulary is the most crucial section if you want to learn English or if you want to speak English fluently.

The right way to improve your vocabulary is to learn daily ten vocabularies. You should write them down in a copy daily and revise them at a regular interval.

Here is the vocabulary list

1) Shrink- घटना, सिकुड़ना

Shrinks is a verb, which means “become or make anything smaller as compare to its original shape”

Synonyms- Decrease, Contract, Compress, Reduce, Shorten, Condense.

Antonyms- Grow, Increase, Expand, Stretch, Bloom, Lengthen.

Example- Cotton shirts always shrink when you wash them.

2) Vigilant- सतर्क, चौकस

Vigilant is an adjective, which means “Keeping attention to possible danger

Synonyms- Alert, Cautious, Attentive, Careful, Heedful, Aware.

Antonyms- Careless, Heedless, Asleep, Unaware, Incautious.

Example- The Indian army stays vigilant on the border to tackle any possible danger.

3) Harsh- निष्ठुर, कठोर

Harsh is an adjective, which means “Unkind or unnecessarily severe

Synonyms- Hard, Tough, Ruthless, Rigid, Merciless, Bitter, Unkind.

Antonyms- Soft, Kind, Calm, Mild, Harmonious, Comfy.

Example- Hitler was known for his harsh nature.

4) Bystander- दर्शक, तमाशा देखने वाले

It is a noun, which means ” viewing something without taking part in it

Synonyms- Viewer, Eyewitness, Spectator, Watcher, Looker.

Antonyms- Participant, Player, Member.

Example- The police asked the bystanders about the extortion that happened in the market.

5) Presume- मानना, अनुमान लगाना

Presume is a verb, which means “Believing something with having confidence

Synonyms- Belief, Suppose, Guess, Think, Hope, Suspect, Imagine.

Antonyms- Doubt, Amaze, Anticipate, Adjudge.

Example- The father always presumes that his son will become more successful than him.

6) Acquiescence- सहमति, चुपचाप मान लेना

Acquiescence is a noun, which means “accept something without any contrast”

Synonyms- Approval, Acceptance, Consent, Sanction, Compliance.

Antonyms- Objection, Denial, Resistance, Refusal, Hostility, Rejection.

Example- The villagers acquiescence the order of the head of the village.

7) Liberty- आजादी, स्वतंत्रता

Liberty is a noun, which means “the right or freedom

Synonyms- Privilege, Licence, Independence, Exemption, Immunity, Permission.

Antonyms- Restraint, Arrest, Detention, Slavery, Dependence, Captivity.

Example- Sometimes some people in India misuse liberty.

8) Introspection- आत्ममंथन, आत्मनिरीक्षण

Introspection is a noun, which means “Deep thinking

Synonyms- Soul searching, Self-observation, Thought, Meditation, Contemplation.

Antonyms- Heedless, thoughtless.

Example- It would help if you introspected the reason behind your failure.

9) Statecraft- शासन कला

Statecraft is a noun, which means “The skill to manage any state or country”

Synonyms- Government, Statesmanship, Kingcraft, Politics, Diplomatic.

Antonyms- General life,

Example- A leader becomes great when his statecraft is always for the interest of the country.

10) Multilateral- बहुपक्षीय

Multilateral is an adjective, which means “Having three or more than three sides”

Synonyms- Multifaceted, Mixed, Many-sided, Multinational, Worldwide.

Antonyms- One-sided, Unilateral, Mutual.

Example- The multilateral summits are those where more than two countries participate.

These are the 10 vocabularies for day 11. we publish 10 vocabularies a day so that you can learn English vocabulary in an appropriate way.

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