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Learn English Vocabulary With Synonyms And Antonyms Day-17

improve english vocabularyIf you want to improve English vocabulary, you have to study vocabulary regularly. We provide the vocabulary from The Hindu, one of the best English Newspapers in India.

If You are an aspirant of IBPS PO, Intelligence Bureau, CAT exam, then these English vocabulary words will help you to get a good score in English.

We provide all the vocabulary with Hindi meaning so that Hindi medium students feel more comfortable while learning.

Improve English Vocabulary Day-17

1) Hamper (verb)

English meaning- To Interrupt someone or something.

Hindi meaning- बाधा डालना

Synonyms- Curb, Obstacle, Hinder, Restrain, Obstruct.

Antonyms- Aid, Help, Assist, Facilitate, Promote, Liberate.

Example Sentence- If anyone is working hard, we should not hamper in his work.

2) Temptation (noun)

English meaning- The way to lure or attract someone.

Hindi meaning- प्रलोभन

Synonyms- Appeal, Charm, Invitation, Draw, Allure.

Antonyms- Hate, Dislike, Awe, Fear, Repulsion.

Example Sentence- Sometimes people do the wrong work because of temptation.

3) Eulogize (verb)

English meaning- Praise someone

Hindi meaning- तारीफ करना

Synonyms- Kudos, Applaud, Glorify, Flatter, Honour.

Antonyms- Criticise, Abase, Blame, Damnation, Condemn.

Example Sentence- Everyone eulogize when you become successful in any particular work.

4) Eliminate (verb)

English meaning- Exclude or remove something/someone.

Hindi meaning- हटा देना, निकाल देना

Synonyms- Eradicate, Erase, Delete, Abolish, Remove.

Antonyms- Add, Include, Contain, Embrace, Carry.

Example Sentence- Because of his poor performance, he was eliminated from the team.

5) Pothole (noun)

English meaning- Pit on a road.

Hindi meaning- सड़क का गड्ढा

Synonyms- Hollow, Depression, Dent, Cave.

Antonyms- Plain, Flat, Smooth.

Example Sentence- The accidents have increased in the city because of the wide pothole.

6) Backdrop (noun)

English meaning- Background.

Hindi meaning- पृष्ठभूमि

Synonyms- Back, Soil surface, Environment, Canvas.

Antonyms- Forefront, Present.

Example Sentence- Never blame your backward backdrop for hiding your present failure.

7) Indulge (verb)

English meaning- Making someone satisfy.

Hindi meaning- तृप्त करना, मंत्रमुग्ध करना

Synonyms- Pamper, Coddle, Pander, Delight, Happy.

Antonyms- Hurt, Forbear, Annoy, Displease.

Example Sentence- Ice cream after the dinner always makes me indulge.

8) Oust (verb)

English meaning- Expel someone from any position.

Hindi meaning- निकाल देना, बेदखल करना

Synonyms- Remove, Eject, Dismiss, Dislodge, Throw out.

Antonyms- Retain, Keep, Engage, Continue, Hold.

Example Sentence- The company ousted those workers who did not work seriously.

9) Ruckus (noun)

English meaning-  A quarrel.

Hindi meaning- हंगामा, हो हल्ला

Synonyms- Commotion, Uproar, Rumpus, Tumult, Turmoil.

Antonyms- Harmony, Peace, Amity, Calm, Silence.

Example Sentence- The market was closed before time because of the ruckus.

10) Ransom (noun and verb)

English meaning- Release the captive in return of property.

Hindi meaning- फिरौती, धन देकर छुड़ाना

Synonyms- Free, Redeem, Deliver, Liberation, Payment.

Antonyms- Compensation, Punish, Shackle, Captivate, Contain.

Example Sentence- The goons have kidnaped a kid for the ransom.

These are 10 Important English words for the vocabulary list of Day-17. We provide daily ten vocabularies so that you can improve your English vocabulary without any Interruption.

Improve English Vocabulary

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