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10 Important word list with synonyms, antonyms & meaning Day-41

10 Important word list with synonyms, antonyms and meaning- Day-41

Hello readers, today we are going to publish an Important word list with synonyms, antonyms, example sentence, and Hindi meaning- Day-41. These vocabulary words are useful for those who are willing to improve their English and also very important for those who are students and preparing for various exams like CAT, XAT, SNAP, NMAT, CMAT, GMAT, IBPS PO, SBI PO, SSC, and other exams. 

Here You can learn daily vocabulary with a precise explanation that helps everyone to understand the word correctly.

10 Important word list with synonyms, antonyms, and meaning- Day-41

1) Monarchy- (noun)

Engish Meaning- The state or country which is governed by a King or Queen.
Hindi Meaning- साम्राज्य, राज-तंत्र, राजशाही
Synonyms- royalty, empire, sovereignty, autarchy, crown
Antonyms- republic, democracy, mobocracy, aristocracy
Example Sentence- For centuries, India was ruled by monarchs.

2) Renege- (noun & verb)

Engish Meaning- denying to fulfill a promise.
Hindi Meaning- इनकार करना, मुकरना, त्यागना
Synonyms- withdraw, revoke, deny, disavow, forswear
Antonyms- support, admit, agree, commit, acknowledge
Example Sentence- The government has reneged to cut-down the price of the commodities.

3) Assert- (verb)

Engish Meaning- Speaking or believing in a confident manner.
Hindi Meaning- दृढ़ता से कहना, दावा करना, अधिकार जताना
Synonyms- affirm, claim, state, proclaim, insist
Antonyms- reject, refute, deny, disavow, refuse
Example Sentence- He asserted that he would not come under any pressure.

4) Sulk- (verb)

Engish Meaning- Be in a bad mood.
Hindi Meaning- नाराज़ होना, रूठना, उदास होना,
Synonyms- lour, stew, anger, brood, mope
Antonyms- vibes, smile, joy, happiness, pleasure
Example Sentence- My friend was stalked by the captain because he couldn’t score run in a cricket match.

5) Ignominy- (noun)

Engish Meaning- Public Shame.
Hindi Meaning- बदनामी, मानहानि, तिरस्कार
Synonyms- infamy, shame, discredit, dishonor, insult, disgrace
Antonyms- glory, pride, honor, renown, repute
Example Sentence- The criminal faced ignominy after the verdict by the court.

6) Revisionist- (adjective & noun)

Engish Meaning- A person who advocates to revise or modify a policy or rule.
Hindi Meaning- संशोधनवादी, संशोधित व्यक्ति
Synonyms- reformer, revolutionary, corrective, liberal, heretical
Antonyms- traditional, rightist, orthodox, habitual, fixed
Example Sentence- Prime Minister Narendra Modi is one of the revisionists who always believe in amending the redundant laws.

7) Cautious- (adjective)

Engish Meaning- Being alert to avoid any problem.
Hindi Meaning- सतर्क, ख़बरदार, चौकन्ना, सावधानता
Synonyms- heedful, watchful, careful, alert, attentive
Antonyms- heedless, careless, imprudent, naive, unguarded
Example Sentence- We should be cautious about the cleanliness of our surroundings to avoid any disease.

8) Pronouncement- (noun)

Engish Meaning- a formal announcement or declaration especially given by an authority.
Hindi Meaning- घोषणा, निर्णय सुनाना, राय
Synonyms- statement, declaration, sentence, revelation, announcement
Antonyms- inquiry, dubious, concealment, furtive, covert
Example Sentence- The pronouncement by the court gave justice to the victim.

9) Confrontation- (noun)

Engish Meaning- An act of challenging face to face one to another.
Hindi Meaning- आमना-सामना, मुक़ाबला, विरोध
Synonyms- combat, conflict, fight, battle, clash, contest
Antonyms- support, calm, consensus, agreement, favor, harmonize
Example Sentence- India won the Asia Cup 2018 after a close confrontation with Bangladesh.

10) Hegemony- (noun)

Engish Meaning- a dominance on a state or any group.
Hindi Meaning- नेतृत्व, प्राधान्य, आधिपत्य
Synonyms- power, supremacy, leadership, rule, sovereignty
Antonyms- coercion, dictatorship, oppression, disability, coercion
Example Sentence- The captain of the team has the hegemony over the team members.


These are the important word list with synonyms, antonyms, and meaning- Day-41 for today. We will publish upcoming lists continuously.

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