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10 Important Vocabulary Words With Hindi Meaning Day-30

10 Important Vocabulary Words With Hindi Meaning Day-30

Hello Students, today, we are going to publish Important Vocabulary Words with Hindi meaning from Day-30. These vocabulary words are essential for the upcoming CAT, XAT, CMAT, GMAT, SNAP, SBI PO, IBPS PO, SSC, and other exams. All the vocabularies are from The Hindu newspaper.

Important Vocabulary Words With Hindi Meaning Day-30

1) Mantle- (noun)
English Meaning-
Hindi Meaning- दायित्व, ढंकना, छिपाना
Synonyms- cover, veil, wrap, coat, mask, task, duty
Antonyms- show, expose, undress, freedom, distrust
Example Sentence- Infosys gave a mantle to Salil Parekh for the betterment of the company.

2) Flay- (verb)
English Meaning-
Blame severely or strip the skin off.
Hindi Meaning- लूटना, खाल उतारना, कटु आलोचना करना
Synonyms- lash, attack, castigate, strip, censure, rebuke
Antonyms- aid, praise, assist, laud, endow, cover
Example Sentence- The public flays the police for its unfriendly behavior.

3) Flak- (noun)
English Meaning-
criticism strongly and anti-aircraft firing.
Hindi Meaning- विमान भेदी गोलाबारी, कड़ी आलोचना, भयंकर लड़ाई
Synonyms- fire, abuse, anti-aircraft, condemnation, blast, attack
Antonyms- support, flattery, praise, compliment, accolade, allege
Example Sentence- The politician faced flak for her outrageous statement.

4) Waive- (verb)
English Meaning-
Relaxation or to give up one’s claim.
Hindi Meaning- माफ, इनकार करना, जाने देना
Synonyms- abandon, renounce, forgo, yield, abdicate, leave
Antonyms- continue, claim, hold, occupy, atone
Example Sentence- The government has decided to waive the loan of the farmers.

5) Stance- (noun)
English Meaning-
The position or posture.
Hindi Meaning- मुद्रा, स्वरूप, आसन
Synonyms- pose, posture, stand, position, angle
Antonyms- deface, unsteadiness, nonappearance, softly
Example Sentence- The stance of a great cricketer always looks perfect while they batted.

6) Adieu- (noun)
English Meaning-
A farewell.
Hindi Meaning- विदाई, प्रमाण,
Synonyms- farewell, goodbye, parting, leave, departure
Antonyms- coming, arrive, welcome, baptism, hello
Example Sentence- After the marriage of a daughter, her adieu is always an emotional moment for parents.

7) Mighty- (adjective)
English Meaning-
Very powerful.
Hindi Meaning- शक्तिमान, ताकतवर, बहादुर, बिशाल
Synonyms- strong, gigantic, colossal, mountainous, huge, robust
Antonyms- weak, tiny, helpless, fragile, abject
Example Sentence- The mighty aircraft of Indian Air Force Mi-8 Helicopter is going to retire soon.

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8) Gambit- (noun)
English Meaning-
Taking some initiative or risk.
Hindi Meaning- पहला क़दम, पहली चाल
Synonyms- maneuver, trick, artifice, dodge, play, gamble
Antonyms- frankness, clumsy, tightness, uncareful
Example Sentence- The gambit of bringing Angelo Mathews into the attack with a new ball gave Srilanka success.

9) Molest- (verb)
English Meaning-
Harass someone (especially to a female)
Hindi Meaning- छेड़ना, उत्पीड़ित करना, तंग करना
Synonyms- disturb, abuse, maltreat, trouble, annoy, rape, harm
Antonyms- heal, guard, cheer, adhere, amuse, allay
Example Sentence- Bollywood actress Zaira Wasim was allegedly molested on a Delhi-Mumbai flight.

10) Bleak- (adjective)
English Meaning-
Lack of enthusiasm.
Hindi Meaning- निष्कपट, बेरंग, उदास, निराशाजनक
Synonyms- sad, grim, cheerless, joyless, severe, somber
Antonyms- happy, bright, pleasant, cheery, nice, mirthful
Example Sentence- The player looked bleak in the last match of his career.

These are the 10 Important Vocabulary Words With Hindi meaning from Day-30. Lean daily 10 vocabularies to improve your English.


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