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Important vocabulary word list with example sentence Day-39

Important vocabulary word list with example sentence Day-39Hello readers, today we are going to publish the Important vocabulary word list with synonyms, antonyms, English and Hindi meaning and example sentence. These words are important for exams like CAT, XAT, IIFT, SNAP, CMAT, GMAT, IBPS PO, SBI PO, SSC CGL, taken from The Hindu editorial.

Learn daily new words to improve your English because nowadays the English section is becoming more complicated, so you need to pay special attention to this section. And English will never improve without a strong vocabulary.

That’s why we are here to help you to improve your vocabulary. You can learn important daily vocabulary from the vocabulary list with proper explanation.

Important vocabulary word list with example sentence Day-39

1) Expedition- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- अभियान, मुहिम, चढ़ाई, खोज-यात्रा
English Meaning- A trip taken by a group of people for a special purpose.
Synonyms- outing, journey, voyage, campaign, jaunt, junket, alacrity, drive, mission,
Antonyms- halt, hindrance, drawback, inaction, avocation,
Example Sentence- The clean India expedition will succeed if almost everyone will participate in it.

2) Absurd- (adjective)

Hindi Meaning- बेतुका, हास्यास्पद, असंगत, बेहूदा
English Meaning- Something which is illogical or inappropriate.
Synonyms- senseless, foolish, ludicrous, silly, irrational, illogical, laughable, wild, ridiculous
Antonyms- logical, intelligent, valid, sensible, substantial, rational, brainy, solemn
Example Sentence- His lifestyle is so absurd that people hesitate to talk with him.

3) Erupt- (verb)

Hindi Meaning- विस्फोट होना, निकल आना, फटना
English Meaning- Something which breaks out suddenly.
Synonyms- burst, explode, detonate, break, discharge, spurt, spurt, break out, emit, spout
Antonyms- carry, contain, catnap, bring, consume, adapt, acquire,
Example Sentence- The peace march erupted into a violent carnage.

4) Coercion- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- बलप्रयोग, जोर जबरदस्ती, बलात्कार
English Meaning- Using pressure or threat to get someone to do something.
Synonyms- brutality, violence, ferocity, fury, extortion, pressure, commotion, drive
Antonyms- autonomy, liberty, democracy, independence, favor, back, permission
Example Sentence- The police used coercion to make the criminal, to tell the truth.

5) Sedentary- (adjective)

Hindi Meaning- गतिहीन, सुस्त, बैठा हुआ, अभ्रमणशील
English Meaning- Staying in one place without activity.
Synonyms- motionless, immobile, stationary, idle, sluggish, inactive, unmoving, static
Antonyms- athletic, active, energetic, moving, activated, vivacious, vigorous
Example Sentence- Gadgets and Televisions are making the people sedentary day by day.

6) Instance- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- उदाहरण, घटना, प्रेरणा, आग्रह
English Meaning- A particular incident, and an example.
Synonyms- specify, example, illustration, sample, paradigm, pattern, standard, incident
Antonyms- repetition, device, indication
Example Sentence- After the Kargil instance, there is a lack of trust in the India-Pakistan relation.

7) Indigent- (noun & adjective)

Hindi Meaning- दरिद्र, जरूरतमंद, गरीब,
English Meaning- A needy and poor person.
Synonyms- poor, needy, necessitous, underprivileged, bankrupt, moneyless, beggarly
Antonyms- abundant, generous, wealthy, rich, affluent, prosperous, advantaged
Example Sentence- We are in the 21st century, but still, there are a large number of people who are so indigent that they can’t afford three meals a day.

8) Indignity- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- अपमान, अवहेलना, तिरस्कार, क्रोध
English Meaning- An act or situation that makes a person feel shame or embarrassment.
Synonyms- humiliation, abuse, outrage, insult, affront, discourtesy, offense, disrespect
Antonyms- honor, dignity, respect, glory, benevolence, compliment, glory, admire, dignify
Example Sentence- He committed suicide because he could not tolerate the indignity.

9) Assault- (noun & verb)

Hindi Meaning- आक्रमण, धावा, आक्रमण करना
English Meaning- A physical attack on someone or somewhere.
Synonyms- invasion, attack, strike, raid, onslaught, invade, onset, incursion, blitz, force
Antonyms- protect, support, assert, guard, defend, uphold, withstand, shelter, adhere
Example Sentence- There are millions of people who died in various assaults in the world.

10) Perpetrator- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- अपराधी, मुजरिम
English Meaning- A person who involved in illegal activity.
Synonyms- offender, culprit, crook, criminal, violator, malefactor, villain, wrongdoer
Antonyms- victim, sufferer, target, martyr, innocent, injured, scapegoat, tolerator
Example Sentence- The government assured the victim’s family that the perpetrator would be punished.


These are the 10 important vocabulary words from the Important vocabulary word list with example sentence Day-39. Our mission is to provide the most important vocabulary word list so that you can improve your English. Here you can learn the complete list of vocabulary.

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