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Important Vocabulary list with synonyms, antonyms, and sentence Day-36

Important Vocabulary For SBI, IBPS, RRB, SSC And CAT Exam 2018 Day-36Hello Learners, today we are going to publish Important Vocabulary various exams like SBI PO/ Clerk, IBPS PO/ Clerk, RRB, CAT, and other competitive exams. All the English words are taken from The Hindu newspaper. We publish Important vocabulary in such a way that every student can understand.

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Important Vocabulary For SBI, IBPS, RRB, SSC And CAT Exam 2018 Day-36

1) Patriarchy- (noun)

Engish Meaning- An organization or house where the eldest male is the head.
Hindi Meaning-  पितृतंत्र
Synonyms- home rule, mastership, principality, martial law, nobility
Antonyms- lowness, plebeians, baseness, peasant
Example Sentence- There are some political parties in India which are patriarchy, led by the father.

2) Imbue- (verb)

Engish Meaning- Inspire by the quality of emotion.
Hindi Meaning- दिल पर असर डालना, रंगना
Synonyms- infuse, implant, diffuse, saturate, permeate
Antonyms- dry, drain, dribble, take out
Example Sentence- Mahatma Gandhi has imbued millions of people across the world from his generosity.

3) Vulture- (noun)

Engish Meaning- A bird or a person who preys
Hindi Meaning- दरिंदा, लुटेरा, गिद्ध
Synonyms- attacker, eagle, predator, piranha, gorilla
Antonyms- herbivore, guardian, defender
Example Sentence- There are hundreds of vulture attacked the wounded animal.

4) Territory- (noun)

Engish Meaning- A land under the rule.
Hindi Meaning- इलाक़ा, क्षेत्र, प्रदेश
Synonyms- zone, field, area, province, region
Antonyms- boundary, line, private, autocracy
Example Sentence- The Indian army is capable to defend the territory of India.

5) Regulator- (noun)

Engish Meaning- A person or thing that regulates something.
Hindi Meaning- गतिव्यवस्थापक
Synonyms- arranger, controller, manager, governor, director
Antonyms- worker, follower, intensifier, assistant, inferior
Example Sentence- The regulators were well capable of handling the situation.

6) Disenfranchise- (verb)

Engish Meaning- Deprive some of the rights to vote.
Hindi Meaning- नागरिकता से वंचित करना
Synonyms- deprive, enthrall, suspend, coerce, capture
Antonyms- empower, liberate, allow, free, permit
Example Sentence- People who are involved in anti-national activity should be disenfranchised.

7) Paradigm- (noun)

Engish Meaning- A typical pattern of something.
Hindi Meaning- मिसाल, उदाहरण
Synonyms- standard, example, model, instance, sample
Antonyms- devoice, swallow, guzzle
Example Sentence- His programming paradigm is going to be the game-changer for other programmers.

8) Fledge- (verb)

Engish Meaning- Develop wing feature for flight.
Hindi Meaning- उड़ने योग्य बनाना
Synonyms- flight, develop, grow, ripen, feather
Antonyms- standing, steady, immobile
Example Sentence- Telecom operator, Jio, is now going to launch its full-fledged GigaFiber broadband service in the market.

9) Guise- (noun)

Engish Meaning- An way of appearance.
Hindi Meaning- पहनावा, भेष
Synonyms- show, form, dress, look, costume
Antonyms- disappearing, invisibility, evade
Example Sentence- The guise of ancient Indian ladies was so colorful.

10) Malicious- (adjective)

Engish Meaning- Intended to do harm.
Hindi Meaning- दुर्भावनापूर्ण
Synonyms- evil, malevolent, cruel, hateful, unkind, wicked
Antonyms- kind, loving, benevolent, gracious, kindly
Example Sentence- Because of the goons’ malicious activity, it is very impractical to go for an outing late at night.

These are 10 Important vocabulary form The Hindu newspaper. All the vocabularies are important for upcoming SBI, IBPS, SSC, RRB, CAT and other exams.

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