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Most Important The Hindu Vocabulary with example

The Hindu vocabulary is one area you should focus on if you want a decent English score and if you’re going to improve your English speaking.

We publish ten Hindu vocabulary lists for each day so that you can learn and improve your English regularly.

The Hindu Vocabulary list.

1) Kudos- प्रसंशा 

Kudos is a noun, which means “praise someone”

Synonyms- Praise, Applause, Fame, Glory, Honor, Prestige.

Antonyms- Barb, Shame, Sarcasm, Criticism, Anonymity, Blame.

Example- Virat Kohli gets lots of kudos for his consistent performance.

2) Belligerent- लड़ाकू, योद्धा

Belligerent is a noun, which means “a person who fights for any reason”

Synonyms- Aggressive, Hostile, Militant, Fighter, Combative.

Antonyms- Peaceful, Good, Kind, Appeasing, Nice, Befriend.

Example- If you become belligerent, you can not make friends.

3) Infiltration- घुसपैठ

Infiltration is a noun, which means “entrance unlawfully or without permission”

Synonyms-Incursion, Penetration, Invasion, Entry, Access, Infusion.

Antonyms- Departure, Surrender, Evacuation, Retreat, Escape.

Example- The infiltration of terrorists in the border is one of the most significant issues for India.

4) Rampant- अनियंत्रित 

Rampant is an adjective, which means “fuss in an uncontrolled way” 

Synonyms- Prevalent, Violent, Rush, Turbulent, Rearing.

Antonyms- Callow, Pease, Constant, Controlled, Hindered.

Example- The political rally turned into a rampant, where lots of people injured.

5) Rampage- उपद्रव, हिंसा करते हुए इधर उधर भागना 

Rampage is a verb as well as a noun, which means “uncontrolled violence”

Synonyms- Riot, Uproar, Turmoil, Rage, Ruckus.

Antonyms- Harmony, Happiness, Calm, Peace.

Example- The police arrested those people who involved in the rampage that was happened in the city center.

6) Compensation- मुआवजा 

Compensation is a noun, which means “awarded something in return of loss”

Synonyms- Reward, Redress, Wages, Pay, Recompense.

Antonyms- Penalty, Fine, Deprivation, Borrow, Bribe.

Example- The telecom companies should give compensation to the customers for any inconvenience in the services.

7) Amend- सुधारना,संसोधन 

Amend is a verb, which means “to do little changes to make anything perfect”

Synonyms-  Correct, Repair, Improve, Reform, Fix, Remedy, Restore.

Antonyms- Debase, Deteriorate, Impair, Harm, Worsen.

Example- The upper house of the parliament will amend the bill.

8) Apocryphal- मनगढ़ंन्त, झुठा, अप्रमाणिक 

Apocryphal is an adjective, which means “spreading a rumor or false statement as being true”



Example- A journalist was suspended by channel because he spread out the apocryphal story.

9) Prevail- जित लेना, प्रचलित होना, राजी करना 

Prevail is a verb, which means “to convince someone”

Synonyms- Succeed, Overcome, Triumph, Control, Rule, Dominate.

Antonyms- Lose, Misfire, Annul, Bomb, Fail, Defeat.

Example- As much sin increases, in the end, truth always prevails.

10) Conflict- संघर्ष करना 

Conflict is a noun as well as a verb, which means “a disagreement or argument”

Synonyms- Fight, Dispute, Battle, Quarrel, Combat, Contest, Clash.

Antonyms- Calm, Peace, Accord, Agreement, Settlement, Agree.

Example- A conflict between two sides turned into a severe rampage.

These are 10 vocabulary from the Hindu vocabulary list. Thank you for being with us. Let us know how we can improve so that you can learn easily.

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