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Important The Hindu Vocabulary Day-25 For CAT, IBPS, SSC Exams

The Hindu Vocabulary Day-25Hello Students, today, we are going to publish The Hindu Vocabulary Day-25 set with Hindi meaning. These vocabularies are essential for CAT, IBPS, SSC, and other exams.

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The Hindu Vocabulary Day-25 set

1) Flutter- (noun & verb)

English Meaning- A wave of wings quickly.
Hindi Meaning- फड़फड़ाहट, खलबली
Synonyms- fluctuate, vibrate, disturbance, shake, tremble
Antonyms- calm, still, constant, steady, compose
Example Sentence- The fluttering of arms is a form of exercise.

2) Scribble- (verb & noun)

English Meaning- Write something without clarity.
Hindi Meaning- अस्पष्ट लेख, अस्पष्ट लिखना,
Synonyms- cacography, scrawl, write, scribe
Antonyms- neat, legible
Example Sentence- Because the teacher was not repeating himself, I had scribbled down the notes.

3) Ostensible- (adjective)

English Meaning- stated as such but the reality is different.
Hindi Meaning- ख़याली, झूठी, दिखावटी
Synonyms- alleged, pretended, apparent, superficial, elusive
Antonyms- actual, genuine, absolute, real, assertive
Example Sentence- Nowadays, people are living an ostensible lifestyle, which causes mental disorders.

4) Tenet- (noun)

English Meaning- A belief of tradition or religion.
Hindi Meaning- सिद्धांत, कार्मिक नियम
Synonyms- opinion, principle, doctrine, philosophy, belief
Antonyms- skepticism, reality, atheism, doubt
Example Sentence- Most Of the villagers of India have a tenet to worship the trees.

5) Reckon- (verb)

English Meaning- To anticipate a thing before it occurs.
Hindi Meaning- मानना, अनुमान लगाना
Synonyms- judge, consider, estimate, think, figure, suppose
Antonyms- neglect, ponder, ignore, carelessness, amaze
Example Sentence- The flood victims could not reckon such a catastrophe occurred in their area.

6) Agony- (noun)

English Meaning- Extreme sadness.
Hindi Meaning- व्यथा, यातना
Synonyms- pain, suffering, torment, woe, affliction
Antonyms- pleasure, euphoria, joy, happiness, delight
Example Sentence- The agony of the farmers continues as they did not get the insurance of their crops.

7) Expedite- (verb & adjective)

English Meaning- speed up something.
Hindi Meaning- जल्द, जल्दी करना
Synonyms- hurry, speed, quicken, accelerate, rush,
Antonyms- block, stop, delay, slow, halt
Example Sentence– The Indian government is going to expedite all the upcoming projects.

8) Mourn- (verb)

English Meaning- Feel sad or sorrow for a loss or death.
Hindi Meaning- शोक करना, विलाप करना
Synonyms- sorrow, weep, grieve, lament, anguish
Antonyms- laugh, celebrate, rejoice, smile, console
Example Sentence- The mother continues to mourn her child’s death.

9) Hostility- (noun)

English Meaning- Unfriendliness behavior.
Hindi Meaning- शत्रुता, विरोध, द्वेषभाव
Synonyms- enmity, hatred, enmity, conflict, antipathy, malevolence
Antonyms- harmony, kindness, charity, blessing, friendship
Example Sentence- The hostility of the opposition team can be seen on their face.

10) Revive- (verb)

English Meaning- Bring back to a strong or healthier position.
Hindi Meaning- पुनरजीवित करना, फिर से जीवित करना
Synonyms- restore, refresh, renew, recover, renovate
Antonyms- destroy, kill, abate, eradicate, abolish
Example Sentence- Steve Smith revived his team by an outstanding inning of a century.

These are the 10 important vocabularies from The Hindu Vocabulary Day-25 set. Learn daily 10 vocabularies to improve English.

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