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Important CAT Vocabulary With Example Sentence Day-27

cat vocabularyHello Students, today, we are going to publish Important CAT Vocabulary Day-27 from The Hindu editorial. These vocabularies are also essential for IBPS, SSC, and other exams.

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Important CAT Vocabulary Day-27

1) Bastion- (noun)

English Meaning- A Stronghold on an institution or place.
Hindi Meaning- गढ़, बुर्ज
Synonyms- stronghold, rampart, fortress, garrison, Citadel
Antonyms- flew, assault, weakness, fault, infirmity
Example Sentence- It is tough to beat BJP in Gujarat, which is like a bastion for BJP.

2) Defection- (noun)

English Meaning- Changing party or ideology in a betrayal manner.
Hindi Meaning- दल-बदल, भंग, उल्लंघन
Synonyms- betrayal, falseness, abdication, turncoat, backsliding
Antonyms- loyalty, adherence, adoption, conformity, commitment
Example Sentence- The political parties face defection in the election time.

3) Inflammatory- (adjective)

English Meaning- An outrageous manner or statement.
Hindi Meaning- भड़काऊ, उत्तेजक
Synonyms- instigative, seditious, explosive, insurgent, fiery
Antonyms- soothing, calming, pleasing, Pacific, appeasing
Example Sentence- Some politicians give the inflammatory statement to polarise the voters.

4) Agility- (noun)

English Meaning- An ability to move quickly.
Hindi Meaning- फुर्ती, चंचलता
Synonyms- quickness, nimbleness, activity, alertness, mobility
Antonyms- laziness, slowness, disability, sluggishness, sedentary
Example Sentence- The agility of the tiger helps it to hunt.

5) Meld- (verb)

English Meaning- To mix two or more things.
Hindi Meaning- मिश्रण करना
Synonyms- combine, amalgamate, merge, unite, compound
Antonyms- separate, divide, curdle, cleave, coagulate
Example Sentence- The government may meld together the Make In India and Invest In India Campaign.

6) Atrocity- (noun)

English Meaning- An extremely brutal action.
Hindi Meaning- क्रूरता, उद्दंडता, अत्याचार
Synonyms- outrage, barbarity, offense, mischief, brutality
Antonyms- mercy, kindness, humbleness, goodness, empathy
Example Sentence- Hitler is known for his atrocious act against Jews.

7) Pledge- (noun & verb)

English Meaning- To commit or promise.
Hindi Meaning- वादा करना, प्रतिज्ञा
Synonyms- vow, promise, assurance, oath, assure
Antonyms- cancel, falsify, break, disobey, inkling
Example Sentence- The company pledged to recruit two thousand workers for its plant.

8) Testimony- (noun)

English Meaning- A formal writing or spoken proof is given in the court.
Hindi Meaning- गवाही, शपथ-पत्र
Synonyms- proof, evidence, statement, witness, avowal
Antonyms- rebuttal, charge, allegation, denial, negation
Example Sentence- The true testimony is a boon for an honest person.

9) Insist- (verb)

English Meaning- Demanding forcefully like a stubborn.
Hindi Meaning- अड़े रहना, हठ करना
Synonyms- persist, maintain, assert, affirm, stubborn
Antonyms- tolerate, abandon, ask, desire, disavow
Example Sentence- The opponent team insisted on its demand to play in the rainy condition.

10) Synergy- (noun)

English Meaning- Joint effort.
Hindi Meaning- ताल मेल, सहक्रिया
Synonyms- collaboration, coaction, alliance, cooperation, symbiosis
Antonyms- antipathy, isolation, inactivity, dyssynergia, mismatch
Example Sentence- The synergy between Gautam Gambhir and Virat Kohli in the world cup 2011 was crucial for winning the cup.

These are the 10 important vocabularies from CAT vocabulary Day-27. Learn daily 10 vocabularies, if you want to improve your English.

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