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How to Use Better Vocabulary in Essays?

How to Use Better Vocabulary in Essays?

Vocabulary in Essays writing is not only about structure or research. It is not only about arguments and formatting. Essay writing is also (if not first of all) about vocabulary. If you have a vocabulary rich enough to impress your professor, and you know how to use it right, even if you have some minor problems with the structure of formatting, you will be forgiven and receive a good grade. Why? Because good vocabulary always leaves an impression of professional writing. So, we have gathered some tips on how to use better vocabulary in essays. We hope at least some of them will come in handy. 

How many words do we learn monthly?

Yes, being an adult, you still keep learning words even if you don’t do it on purpose. Some of them are completely new, some are synonyms to the ones you know, some come from the constant developing urban vocabulary. Normally, we learn about 10 words per month.

Mostly, we don’t even notice it, it all happens naturally. Also, don’t think that learning 10 words a month means you start using those 10 words, you just get to know about them, and there is a big difference. To start actually using them, you need either to like words very much (which happens) or to write them down and use them on purpose. We will focus on the second option, as it is the only option to use better vocabulary in your essays.

Vocabulary in Essays writing: Is reading really helpful?

We bet that you have heard an advice to read more to write better before this moment. We don’t know if you actually tried, though. It is not that straightforward with reading. For example, you read the same type of literature, written by the same author.

After the third book, you are likely to know 90% of his or her active vocabulary. Things get worse if you only read online content. Online content is designed to attract and keep the reader’s attention, that is why the words used in the online articles are normally rather short and simple.

It is not bad for a blog, but it is bad for you if you want to make your vocabulary better. To make reading helpful, you need to read different fiction and non-fiction books and note down the words you find interesting.

Most of those words you have heard before, but they didn’t become part of your essay writing. Without noting down, you will forget them again rather easily. Authors who write papers for students and currently working for a professional essay writing service Write My Paper Hub advise to have an electronic version of your own dictionary, and look through it while writing essays. 

Check on urban dictionary every day

If you use one of those habit trackers, add another useful habit to it — enter an urban dictionary every day and read the word of the day. You don’t even have to learn it specifically, but there is a chance you would like to write some of them down, as you can stumble upon some really fun terms.

An urban dictionary is not always good for essays, though. We bet you understand that some of the words which become a part of it can never be used in academic writing. Also, if you feel like some words you know and want to use sounds a little too non-academic, it is a good idea to check on it in the urban dictionary and make sure.

Watch narrow-field serial movies

Just watching movies, especially blockbusters and other popular types, will not influence your vocabulary much. The same as the content for the internet, they are created with the usage of the simplest vocabulary possible. However, if you find movies or serial movies related to the field of your studies, your chances to learn new useful words are rather high. Again, it won’t work if you just binge watch episodes and don’t make notes. 

In a nutshell, it is possible to make your vocabulary better, but it is not that easy as they often say it is. It won’t be enough just to read more blogs online, or to watch your favorite shows. You will have to focus on actually remembering words, learning them, even if it is your native language.

Our brain wants to simplify everything, that is why it leaves “on top” either the simplest words or the words which you use the most. Make yourself use new words more, and they will very soon become a part of your active vocabulary for essays and not only.

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