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The Hindu Vocabulary Words With Hindi Meaning Day-26

Hindu Vocabulary WordsHello Students, today, we are going to publish The Hindu Vocabulary Words with Hindi meaning, synonyms, antonyms, and example sentences. The vocabularies are essential for CAT, IBPS, SSC, and other exams. All the vocabularies are from The Hindu newspaper.

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The Hindu Vocabulary Words Day-26

1) Avert- (verb)

English Meaning- To stop doing something.
Hindi Meaning- टालना, रोक देना
Synonyms- divert, deter, stop, avoid, obviate
Antonyms- accept, help, allow, enable, aid
Example Sentence- The Government ordered the protester to avert their protest.

2) Embed- (verb)

English Meaning- Place or fix something.
Hindi Meaning- लागू करना, बैठाना,
Synonyms- insert, plant, implant, install, establish
Antonyms- destroy, demolish, revoke, disprove, terminate
Example Sentence- The carpenter perfectly embedded the glass on the door.

3) Consummate- (verb & adjective)

English Meaning- To end something.
Hindi Meaning- समाप्त, समाप्ति करना, परिपूर्ण
Synonyms- complete, accomplish, foremost, furthest, finished
Antonyms- incomplete, begin, continue, unfinished, carry
Example Sentence- The producer has decided to consummate the reality show due to low TRP rate.

4) Hereditary- (adjective)

English Meaning- Holding something of the father.
Hindi Meaning- पैतृक, वंशागत
Synonyms- genetic, native, familial, inherent, congenital
Antonyms- acquired, wayfarer, migratory, vagrant,
Example Sentence- The owner of the company is going to donate all hereditary property to the underprivileged people.

5) Dodge- (verb & noun)

English Meaning- An unexpected or sudden movement.
Hindi Meaning- चकमा देना, चकमा, चालाक, कपटी
Synonyms- sidestep, trick, ruse, elude, contrivance
Antonyms- loyalty, encounter, tolerate, suffer
Example Sentence- The wrestler able to dodged his opponent and beat him.

6) Confiscate- (verb)

English Meaning- Taking or seizing something for a reason.
Hindi Meaning- ज़ब्त करना, अधिहरण करना
Synonyms- take, seize, arrogate, grab, take over
Antonyms- provide, deliver, render, offer, give
Example Sentence- The custom-officers confiscated some illegal drugs at the airport.

7) Hierarchy- (noun)

English Meaning- क्रम, पदक्रम
Hindi Meaning- A ranking of things according to their importance.
Synonyms- sequence, order, position, pyramid, rank
Antonyms- disorder, jumble, turmoil, declassification, mess
Example Sentence- The hierarchy system of caste is dividing the people in the society.

8) Indignant- (adjective)

English Meaning- Showing anger.
Hindi Meaning- क्रोधित, गुस्से में
Synonyms- furious, angry, resentful, harmed, unhappy
Antonyms- pleased, cool, happy, cheerful, contents
Example Sentence- The teacher became indignant because of the noise made by the students.

9) Slaughter- (noun & verb)

English Meaning- A large number of killing of animals or people.
Hindi Meaning- वध, पशुबध, हत्या करना
Synonyms- kill, killing, murder, assassinate, exterminate
Antonyms- create, assemble, birth, renaissance, build
Example Sentence- The UP government has ordered to close the illegal slaughterhouses.

10) Divisive- (adjective)

English Meaning- To separate due to disagreement.
Hindi Meaning- बांटनेवाला
Synonyms- conflicting, factious, belligerent, divisional, partisan, Distributor
Antonyms- Connector, joiner, associative, integrator, joinder
Example Sentence- The British rule in India was divisive.

These are the vocabularies from The Hindu Vocabulary Words Part-26 set. Learn daily 10 vocabulary words to improve your English.

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