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Important The Hindu Vocabulary Day-33 With Hindi Meaning

 Hindu Vocabulary Day-33 Hello Learners, today, we are going to publish The Hindu Vocabulary Day-33 With Hindi meaning. These vocabularies are essential for CAT, XAT, SNAP, CMAT, GMAT, IBPS PO, SBI PO, SSC, and other exams and for those who want to improve their English.

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Important The Hindu Vocabulary Day-33 With Hindi Meaning

1) Grievance- (noun)

English Meaning- Complaint.
Hindi Meaning- कष्ट, व्यथा, शिकायत
Synonyms- affliction, objection, hardship, distress, trouble
Antonyms- benefit, flattery, paradise, acknowledge, applause
Example Sentence- Because of the grievance by the warden, no one does late-night parties in the hostel.

2) Ambit- (noun)

English Meaning- Something which is in a range.
Hindi Meaning- सीमा, परिधि
Synonyms- orbit, perimeter, reach, extent,
Antonyms- center, midpoint, spotlight, hub
Example Sentence- The whole science paper in the exam was ambit of only some chapters.

3) Applaud- (verb)

English Meaning- Praise someone.
Hindi Meaning- सराहना करना, प्रशंसा करना
Synonyms- clap, cheer, commend, glorify, hail, laud
Antonyms- blame, jeer, boo, belittle, criticize, vilify
Example Sentence- Some economists applauded the decision of the government to provide loans for startups.

4) Restrain- (verb)

English Meaning- Prevent from doing something.
Hindi Meaning- रोकना, प्रतिबंध करना
Synonyms- control, curb, hinder, prevent, block
Antonyms- free, promote, enlarge, abet, nurture, aid
Example Sentence- The Bihar government has decided to restrain alcohol in the state.

5) Mishmash- (noun)

English Meaning- Mixture.
Hindi Meaning- घपला, गड़बड़, मिलावट
Synonyms- mixture, muddle, jumble, mess, disorder
Antonyms- structured, classified, alright, ordered
Example Sentence- Some shopkeepers do mishmash to get little profit.

6) Moratorium- (noun)

English Meaning- Something which is temporary prohibited.
Hindi Meaning- पाबंदी, रोक
Synonyms- suspension, pause, delay, block, ban, sanction
Antonyms- continuation, survival, prolongation, duration
Example Sentence- The moratorium of crackers in Delhi was a bold decision by the Court.

7) Nowhere- (noun)

English Meaning- A remote place.
Hindi Meaning- सुदूर, कहीं नहीं
Synonyms- hermit, secluded, secret, cloistral, anywhere, isolated
Antonyms- everywhere, nearby, home, social, considerable
Example Sentence- It is tough for the police to find the tourists, who lost in nowhere.

8) Beacon- (noun)

English Meaning- A light that is set up in high.
Hindi Meaning- प्रकाश, प्रकाशस्तम्भ
Synonyms- signal, sign, alert, lighthouse, lamp, flame
Antonyms- black, dark, dark, dismal, gloomy, somber
Example Sentence- The lighthouse is used as a beacon for the lost ships in the night.

9) Revolting- (adjective)

English Meaning- Something which is disgusting.
Hindi Meaning- घिनौना, अरुचिकर
Synonyms- offensive, loathsome, nasty, vile, horrible, repellent
Antonyms- beautiful, appealing, attractive, gorgeous, alluring
Example Sentence- The college is infamous because of some student’s revolting works.

10) Hail- (noun & verb)

English Meaning- Appreciate someone and frozen rainfall.
Hindi Meaning- ओलावृष्टि, अभिवादन करना
Synonyms- laud, welcome, greet, praise, cheer, glorify
Antonyms- ignore, disparage, debase, humiliate, condemn
Example Sentence- The principal of the college hailed the result of the students.

These are the important Vocabularies from The Hindu Vocabulary Day-33 set. Learn daily 10 vocabularies to improve your English.

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