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Learn 10 Hard Vocabulary Words From The Hindu Newspaper Day-18

Hard Vocabulary WordsWe are providing 10 Hard vocabulary words, which helps you learn new vocabulary words. All the words picked from The Hindu newspaper. If you want to improve your English, you should acquire ten vocabularies daily.

We always provide the Hindi meaning of all the English vocabularies, so that Hindi medium students can benefit. If you are trying to improve your spoken English, you should focus on Vocabularies and also English grammar.

Here the list of 10 Hard vocabulary words

1) Grievous(adjective)

English meaning- Something serious or awful.

Hindi meaning- गंभीर, कष्टदायक, सोचनीय

Synonyms- Painful, Severe, Serious, Unbearable, Tough, Woeful.

Antonyms- Joyful, Happy, Pleasent, Fortunate, Bearable.

Example Sentence- He is one of those doctors, who has the remedies for grievous diseases.

2) Reminisce(verb)

English meaning- To remind.

Hindi meaning- याद दिलाना

Synonyms- Remember, Recall, Think back, Ponder, Revive.

Antonyms- Forget, Lose, Misremember, Oblivion, Neglect.

Example Sentence- He always reminisces about his past obligation.

3) Sovereign(noun)

English meaning- The ruler or head.

Hindi meaning- प्रधान, शासक.

Synonyms- Chief, Head, Monarch, Paramount, King, Queen, Ruler.

Antonyms- Servant, Inferior, Minor, Ineffective, Subordinate.

Example Sentence- The sovereign of the state always takes care of ordinary people.

4) Maritime(adjective)

English meaning- Something related to the sea.

Hindi meaning- समुद्री

Synonyms- Oceanic, Aquatic, Sea, Coastal, Pelagic.

Antonyms- Land, Desert, Mountain.

Example Sentence- Goa is well known for its maritime tourism.

5) Tenacious(adjective)

English meaning- Keeping a tight hold of something.

Hindi meaning- दृढ़, कठिन, सख़्त

Synonyms- Firm, Determined, Stubborn, Hard, Relentless, Tough.

Antonyms- Weak, Loose, Soft, Fragile, Delicate.

Example Sentence- Because of his tenacious nature, no one teases him.

6) Pacifism(noun)

English meaning- Believe in peace

Hindi meaning- शंतिवाद

Synonyms- Nonviolence, Calm, Prosperity, Coolness, Peace lover.

Antonyms- Rage, Fight, Violence, Roar, Riot, Ruckus.

Example Sentence- Mahatma Gandhi is known for his pacifism thinking.

7) Assertion(noun)

English meaning- A claim with confidence.

Hindi meaning- दावा

Synonyms- Affirmation, Avowal, Announcement, Disclosure, Argument.

Antonyms- Disproof, Allege, Disavowal, Doubt.

Example Sentence- His assertion about the thief was proved to be wrong.

8) Adversary(noun)

English meaning- An opponent.

Hindi meaning- बिरोधी

Synonyms- Competitor, Rival, Opponent, Foe, Opposer, Hostile.

Antonyms- Helper, Partner, Ally, Assistant, Soulmate, Backer.

Example Sentence- If you want to live a peaceful life, you have to learn how to digest the criticism of your Adversary.

9) Importunate(adjective)

English meaning- forcefully demand something or persistence nature.

Hindi meaning- हठी, जिद्दी

Synonyms- Determined, Obstinate, Tenacious, Stubborn, Headstrong.

Antonyms- Imperative, Relaxed, Peaceful, Apathetic, Calm, Appeasing.

Example Sentence- Because of his importunate behavior, no one likes him.

10) Rampart(noun)

English meaning- A fortified wall used for defense.

Hindi meaning- किले की दीवार

Synonyms- Wall, Barricade, Defence, Fence, Barrier, Bulwark.

Antonyms- Risk, Peril, Hazard, Open castle.

Example Sentence- Every year on Independence Day, the Indian prime minister hoists the flag in the red fort’s rampart.

These are the ten hard vocabulary words for Day-18. Learn daily ten vocabularies so that you can improve your English in a short time.
We provide daily 10 Important vocabularies so that you can study regularly.

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