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Top 10 Hard Vocabulary Word list for CAT, XAT, IIFT Exam

Hello learners, today we are going to publish a Hard Vocabulary Word list Day-56 with synonyms, antonyms, Hindi Meaning, and an example sentence for CAT, XAT, NMAT, SNAP, IIFT, and other exams. These English words will expand your vocabulary.

Hard Vocabulary Word list with Synonyms, Antonyms, Hindi meaning Day-56

1) Tortuous- (adjective)

Hindi Meaning- कपटपूर्ण, पेचीदा, जटिल, वक्र

English Meaning- something excessively complicated.

Synonyms- crooked, convoluted, twisted, anfractuous, curved, zigzag

Antonyms- straight, untwisted, straightforward, direct

Example Sentence- Because of the tortuous road, we couldn’t find our destination.

2) Pragmatic- (adjective)

Hindi Meaning- व्यावहारिक, तथ्यात्मक

English Meaning- facts instead of speculation.

Synonyms- realistic, logical, practical, reasonable, materialistic, practicable

Antonyms- quixotic, impractical, unrealistic, illogical, irrational

Example Sentence- If you want to succeed, you should pragmatically do everything.

3) Culminate- (verb)

Hindi Meaning- समाप्त होना, समापन

English Meaning- reach a climax.

Synonyms- close, terminate, climax, finish, end, result, finalize

Antonyms- beginning, initiate, start, begin, proceed

Example Sentence- Weeks of protest culminated after the justice given by the court to the victims.

4) Circumvent- (verb)

Hindi Meaning- धोखा देना, ठगना, घेर लेना, नाकाम बनाना

English Meaning- to get around something; to trick or mislead.

Synonyms- avoid, dupe, trick, bypass, sidestep, surround, encircle

Antonyms- assist, help, provide, encourage, support

Example Sentence- If you want to be a successful person in life, you have to learn how to circumvent the problems.

5) Bifurcate- (verb)

Hindi Meaning- दो शाखाओं में बांटना, द्विभाजन

English Meaning- divide into two branches or parts.

Synonyms- divide, split, separate, bisect, branch, halve

Antonyms- united, assemble, attach, adjoin, connect

Example Sentence- The political party bifurcated after the defeat in the election.

6) Sedition- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- विद्रोह, राज-द्रोह

English Meaning- instigating people to rebel against the authority.

Synonyms- agitation, revolution, rebellion, revolt, disloyalty, violation

Antonyms- adherence, loyalty, obedience, devotion, committal

Example Sentence- The sedition charge on him made his life difficult.

7) Manoeuvre- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- पैंतरेबाज़ी, दाँवपेंच, चाल

English Meaning- manipulate to achieve an end or planning for something.

Synonyms- manipulate, trick, plan, tactic, machination, gambit, strategy

Antonyms- coincidence, gamble, fluke, disorder

Example Sentence- The war policy provided by the army chief has no room for manoeuvre.

8) Dissonance- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- कर्कश, बेसुरापन, मतभेद

English Meaning- a lack of harmony or agreement between something.

Synonyms- raucous, harsh, unmusical, cacophonous, unmelodious, tuneless

Antonyms- melodious, harmonious, consonant, symphonic

Example Sentence- His voice is so dissonant that nobody asks him to sing a song.

9) Compel- (verb)

Hindi Meaning- विवश करना, मजबूर करना

English Meaning- pressurize someone to do something.

Synonyms- coerce, force, enforce, press, pressure, bully, suppress

Antonyms- discourage, free, deter, block, obstruct

Example Sentence- He is too rigid that nobody can compel him to do something.

10) Portent- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- पूर्वसूचना, अपशकुन

English Meaning- a signal of something is about to occur.

Synonyms- foreboding, augury, presage, prognostic, forecast, prediction

Antonyms- doom, expectation, reality, nostalgia

Example Sentence- Cats are regarded as being portents of unfortunate happenings in India.


This is the Hard Vocabulary word list from Day-56 for CAT, XAT, NMAT, SNAP, GMAT, IIFT, and other exams. Learn daily 10 vocabularies to improve your English.

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