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English words list with Hindi meaning and sentences Day-38

list of english words with meaning and sentences

Hello learners, we are going to publish the list of English words with meaning and sentences for Day-38. These are essential vocabularies from the word list for those who are preparing for various MBA entrance exams like CAT, XAT, CMAT, SNAP, MCET and also who going to appear the various Government job examinations like IBPS PO/Clerk, SBI PO/Clerk, SSC, RBI, etc. 

List of English words with meaning and sentences Day-38

1) Predecessor- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- पूर्वज, पूर्ववर्ती, पूर्व अधिकारी

English Meaning- A person who holds a position before the current person.

Synonyms- forebear, antecedent, antecedent, forefather, previous

Antonyms- heir, successor, inheritor, follower, replacement

Example Sentence- Dr. Manmahan Singh is the predecessor of Narendra Modi.

2) Ambivalent- (adjective)

Hindi Meaning- उभयभावी, मिले जुले भाववाला

English Meaning- having a mixed or contradictory idea or feeling.

Synonyms- equivocal, undecided, indecisive, changeable, ambiguous

Antonyms- definite, asserting, absolute, conclusive, blatant

Example Sentence- His ambivalent speech was beyond people’s understanding.

3) Benediction- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- आशीर्वाद, मंगल कामना

English Meaning- the state of prayer asking for the blessing.

Synonyms- a blessing, boon, godsend, worship, grace, prayer

Antonyms- bane, curse, damnation, harshness, execration

Example Sentence- The priest has decided to organize a benediction gathering for the nation’s wellbeing.

4) Abase- (verb)

Hindi Meaning- अपमानित करना, मानहानि करना, नीचा दिखाना

English Meaning- Behave in a manner that belittles someone.

Synonyms- pervert, defile, degrade, lower, disgrace

Antonyms- honor, laud, praise, improve, enhance, elevate

Example Sentence- Those people who have no aim in life, always try to abase others.

5) Contingent- (noun & adjective)

Hindi Meaning- दस्ता, आकस्मिक, सैन्यदल, दल

English Meaning- An incident that occurs suddenly and a group of people for an expedition.

Synonyms- team, corps, squad, incidental, unforeseen, unexpected

Antonyms- independent, definite, unit, individual, single, certain

Example Sentence- The government has decided to secure sufficient food for the future contingent calamities.

6) Erudite- (noun & adjective)

Hindi Meaning- विद्वान, ज्ञानी, वैज्ञानिक

English Meaning- Having great knowledge.

Synonyms- educated, scholarly, literate, knowledgeable, academic, wise

Antonyms- silly, fatuous, uneducated, ignorant, dumb, unlearned

Example Sentence- Albert Einstein is known as one of the greatest erudite of the planet.

7) Potion- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- पीने की दवा, खूराक,

English Meaning- A liquid that has healing property.

Synonyms- medicine, tonic, dose, elixir, essence, antidote, corrective

Antonyms- poison, virus, toxin, venom, bacteria, germ

Example Sentence- The doctor prescribed some potion for the patient.

8) Heedless- (adjective)

Hindi Meaning- असावधान, लापरवाह, बेपरवाह

English Meaning- Careless nature.

Synonyms- oblivious, negligent, careless, unmindful, reckless, neglectful

Antonyms- thoughtful, attentive, prudent, careful, smart, cautious, observant

Example Sentence- Because of his heedless nature, he always scolded by his parents.

9) Repeal- (noun & verb)

Hindi Meaning- भंग, तोड़ना, रद्द करना

English Meaning- The action of canceling any law or act.

Synonyms- abolish, nullify, annul, rescind, cancellation, invalidate

Antonyms- accomplish, support, improve, ratify, sanction, approve

Example Sentence- The supreme court has decided to repeal section 377.

10) Arbitration- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- मध्यस्थता, पंच फ़ैसला

English Meaning- An arbitrator who settles any dispute.

Synonyms- mediation, settlement, agreement, compromise, negotiation, conciliation

Antonyms- provocation, incitation, affront, aggravation, anger

Example Sentence- Pakistan wants an arbitration to settle the Kashmir issue, which is against the Indian interest.


These are the 10 important vocabularies with synonyms, antonyms, Hindi, and English meaning and example sentence from List of English words with meaning and sentences Day-38.

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