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English Vocabulary Words With Synonyms And Antonyms Day-9

english vocabulary wordsHello readers, we are going to publish English Vocabulary Words list from The Hindu newspaper, which is so beneficial for you to achieve your goal to improve your English.

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English Vocabulary Words With Synonyms And Antonyms Day-9

1) Impasse- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- गतिरोध, बंद गली

English Meaning- close road or obstruction

Synonyms- Deadlock, Plight, Jam, Blockage, Predicament, Obstruction.

Antonyms- Headway, Passage, Movement, Liquefy, Process

Example Sentence- The consensus postponed due to the impasse between the two sides.

2) Encapsulate- (verb)

Hindi Meaning- छोटा करना, संपुटित करना

Hindi Meaning- make anything shorter

Synonyms- Abridge, Cut, Sum up, Wrap, Summarize.

Antonyms- Detail, Lavish, Intricate, Complex, Elaborate,

Example Sentence- The teacher encapsulated his lecture so that the students did not feel bored.

3) Nightmare- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- भयानक सपना

English Meaning- a fearful dream or bad experience.

Synonyms- Dream, Fantasy, Fear, Illusion, Bugbear, Horror

Antonyms- Pleasure, Truth, Daymare, Reality,

Example Sentence- Travelling alone in the night is like a nightmare for the majority of the people.

4) Nuisance- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- परेशानी

English Meaning- causing inconvenience.

Synonyms- Pain, Irritation, Bother, Trouble, Headache.

Antonyms- Joy, Privilege, Benefit, Solution, Assistance, Godsend.

Example Sentence- Because of the bad condition of the road, the drivers are facing nuisance to drive their vehicles.

5) Penetration- (verb)

Hindi Meaning- प्रवेश, घुसना

English Meaning- entering somewhere

Synonyms- Insight, Entrance, Invasion, Infiltration, Acumen, Discernment.

Antonyms- Enigma, Departure. Come out.

Example Sentence- The villagers are living in fear because a mad elephant penetrated the village.

6) Optimal- (adjective)

Hindi Meaning- श्रेष्ठ, सर्वोत्तम

English Meaning- best from others.

Synonyms- Best, Flagship, Optimum, Top, Matchless, Elite, Ultimate.

Antonyms- Basic, Medium, Nasty, Worst, Mediocre.

Example Sentence- Indian newborn babies need optimal nutrition to eradicate malnutrition.

7) Pedestrian- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- पैदल यात्री

English Meaning- walker without any vehicle

Synonyms- Wayfarer, Walker, Hiker, Runner.

Antonyms- Driver, Motorist, Biker.

Example Sentence- Some major cities of India need a particular track for pedestrians.

8) Disclose- (verb)

Hindi Meaning- प्रकट करना, खोलना, पर्दाफाश

English Meaning- revealing something secret.

Synonyms- Unveil, Expose, Revelation, Publication.

Antonyms- Hiding, Blanket, Covert, Privacy.

Example Sentence- When we saw the disclosure report of the 2G scam, we were shocked.

9) Tackle- (verb)

Hindi Meaning- निपटना, हाथ में लेना

English Meaning- dealing with some problem.

Synonyms- Undertake, Take on, Attempt, Deal with, Try, Confront, Accept.

Antonyms- Neglect, Ignore, Avoid, Let go, Compensate.

Example Sentence- All winners have the same attitude; they all tackle the problem smartly.

10) Invasion- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- हमला, आक्रमण

English Meaning- an attack on other region or country.

Synonyms- Attack, Assult, Strike, Raid, Offensive, Aggression.

Antonyms- Cover, Save, Defend, Security, Safeguard.

Example Sentence– Kargil war was happened due to the Invasion of the Pakistani army.

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These are the 10 English Vocabulary Words for day-9. We hope you learned something new today.

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