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10 Important CAT Vocabularies For Upcoming Exams Day-34

 CAT VocabulariesHello Learners, today, we are going to publish CAT Vocabularies Day-34 With Synonyms, Antonyms, and example sentences. These vocabularies are essential for the Upcoming CAT, XAT, IIFT, SNAP, and other MBA exams and for those who want to improve their English.

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CAT Vocabularies For Upcoming Exams

1) Hurl- (Noun & Verb)
English Meaning- Throw something with great force.
Hindi Meaning- उछालना, वेग से फेंकना
Synonyms- Throw, Fling, Fire, Send, Shoot
Antonyms- Block, Acquire, Recieve, Absorb, Attract
Example Sentence- Some anti-social elements in Kashmir are hurling stone into the Security personnel.

2) Grapple- (Noun & Verb)
English Meaning- A close fight or holding strongly.
Hindi Meaning- पकड़ना, हाथापाई करना
Synonyms- grasp, grip, catch, wrestle, grab, snatch
Antonyms- unhand, liberate, free, release, disconnect
Example Sentence- Two people were arrested due to grappling with each other.

3) Arbitrage- (Noun)
English Meaning- The profit amount.
Hindi Meaning- पंचायत, मुनाफा
Synonyms- debenture, earner, expediency, pickings, margin
Antonyms- deficit, loss, disadvantage
Example Sentence- There are some start-ups which were failed due to not able to earn arbitrage.

4) Paralegal- (Noun)
English Meaning- A person who helps in legal matters but not fully qualified as a lawyer.
Hindi Meaning- अर्धन्यायिक
Synonyms- legal assistant
Example Sentence- Some paralegals are taking lots of money from the people in return to do their works.

5) Jurisprudence- (Noun)
English Meaning- The theory of law.
Hindi Meaning- न्यायशास्र
Synonyms- act, enactment, constitution, legislation, law
Example Sentence- Every country has its Jurisprudence, which is equal for all the citizens of that country.

6) Ingrained- (Adjective)
English Meaning- Something which is firmly fixed.
Hindi Meaning- दीर्घस्थायी, जमा हुआ
Synonyms- deep-rooted, inherent, habitual, intrinsic, fixed
Antonyms- acquired, incidental, coincidental, airy, superficial
Example Sentence- I have an ingrained desire to have a world tour one day.

7) Consortium- (Noun)
English Meaning- An association.
Hindi Meaning- संघ, संघटन
Synonyms- alliance, union, combine, club, federation, partnership
Antonyms- detachment, division, isolation, separation, disunion
Example Sentence- A consortium of world leaders will meet to discuss global warming.

8) Remedial- (Adjective)
English Meaning- A Corrective way.
Hindi Meaning- उपचारात्मक, सुधारात्मक
Synonyms- restorative, corrective, healing, helpful, soothing
Antonyms- damaging, harmful, dangerous, toxic, worsening
Example Sentence- The remedial steps taken by the Singaporean government for urban development is a lesson for developing country like India.

9) Malfeasance- (Noun)
English Meaning- An unethical or unlawful act.
Hindi Meaning- दुष्कर्म
Synonyms- evil, crime, wrongdoing, malpractice, fault
Antonyms- uprightness, goodness, virtue, justice, correct
Example Sentence- To cope with the malfeasance, every woman should learn self-defense techniques.

10) Shamble- (Verb)
English Meaning- Walk awkwardly.
Hindi Meaning- भद्दी चाल, पैर घसीटकर चलना
Synonyms- drag, creep, hobble, shuffle
Antonyms- glide, sprint, grade, stride
Example Sentence- After seeing his shambling I thought he is ill.

These are the 10 essential CAT Vocabularies from Day-34. Learn daily at least 10 vocabularies to improve your English.

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