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Adverb Full Explanation With Example Sentences Part-1

what is an adverbLearn What are Adverb and their types with example sentences. It is an important part of English grammar. Here we are providing the definition and its types. You can learn the complete English grammar by clicking here.

What is an adverb?

Definition- An adverb is a word that is used to modify a verb, adjective or another adverb meaningfully. Some example of adverbs is very, slowly, strongly, beautifully, etc.

For Example-

  • He moves slowly.
  • She runs very fast.

types of an adverb:-

There are generally eight types of an adverb.

1) Adverb of Time- It is used to express the timing of an action took place or will be taking place. Some examples are yesterday, soon, now, today, never, already, then, immediately etc.

Example Sentences-

  1. It may be rain today.
  2. They have already explored the city.
  3. Yesterday he got a call from an unknown person.
  4. I will go to Mumbai soon.

2) Adverb of Place– It is used to express where the action happens or happened. Some examples are here, up, down, there, away, back, upward, backward, under, outside, upstairs etc.

Example Sentences-

  1. The man was outside the room.
  2. He lives away from home.
  3. The mobile is inside the bag.
  4. They are going there.

3) Adverb of frequency- It is used to express how often something happens. Some examples are always, once, Seldon, usually, rarely, never, occasionally, hardly, generally etc.

Example Sentences-

  1. I never got a chance to play.
  2. They should always workout.
  3. He comes to my home rarely.
  4. Usually, it takes some time to heat.

4) Adverb of manner- It is used to express in which way something happens. Some examples are slowly, beautifully, aggressively, sadly, fast etc.

Example Sentences-

  1. He sings beautifully.
  2. They can run very fast.
  3. I can fight very strongly.
  4. He ends his cricketing career sadly.

5) Adverb of degree- It expresses the level or extent of an action or something that happens. Some examples are Almost, fully, enough, too, quite, rather etc.

Example Sentences-

  1. Almost every people in the city have joined in the rally.
  2. He has enough time to study.

6) Adverb of affirmation- It is used to express the certainty of an action that happens. Some examples are apparently, obviously, undoubtedly etc.

Example Sentences-

  1. He is obviously the best player in our city.
  2. Undoubtedly he has more knowledge than his sister.

7) Interrogative Adverbs- These are used in a sense of questioning something which happens. Some examples are How, which, when, why, what etc.

Example Sentences-

  1. What is the best time for study?
  2. How can we forget the simple word?
  3. Why are you so late to come?
  4. Which of the pen would you like to buy?

8) Relative Adverbs- These are used to make an adjective clause.

 Example sentences-

  1. This is the car which he bought from the USA.
  2. He is the man whom you can trust.
  3. You should always remember how he cheated you.
  4. They built a new home when he got a new job.

This is the first part, in the second part we will discuss all the rules of adverbs. If you want to improve your English, you should learn at the Parts of speech. We also provide vocabularies with synonyms and antonyms which will improve your English ability.


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