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Adjective Full Explanation And Types Of Adjective Part-1

What is an adjectiveThe adjective in English grammar is one of the most important section. We are providing All the parts of speech so that you can learn English grammar step by step. If you want to learn the parts of speech thoroughly or if you want to improve your Grammar skills, you should Learn Adjective.

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What is an adjective?

Definition- An adjective is a word that describes the quality or type of a noun or a pronoun. Generally, we use like a big house, Small cat, black dog. where big, small and black are the adjectives. We often use them before a noun.

Types of Adjective:-

1) Adjective of Number- It indicates the number or quantity of a noun or how many person or things are meant and in which order. Some examples are Few, no, many, some, enough, several, all, one, forth, etc.

Example Sentences-

  1. There are two hundred people are visiting the USA.
  2. Many of us have played cricket at least once in life.
  3. All of the houses have destroyed because of the tsunami.

2) Adjective of Quality- It describes the kind or quality of a noun, like size, color, teste, condition, or behavior of a noun.

Example Sentences-

  1. My friend has a black dog.
  2. She can cook very tasty food.
  3. There are so many tall buildings in Dubai.

3) Adjective of Quantity- It defines how much of a thing is meant. Some examples are little, much, less, enough, a lot of etc.

Example Sentences- 

  1. He has not much fuel to travel long distances.
  2.  She gets enough chance to prove herself.
  3. I have less amount of money.

4) Demonstrative Adjective- It demonstrates which person, thing, or thought/idea is mentioned. for example this, that, these, these, etc.

Example Sentences-

  1. This car is the oldest car in the city.
  2. That man is from Australia.
  3. These are the best shops in this area.

5) Interrogative Adjective- These are used with a noun to ask questions. Some examples are what, whose, which, how, where etc.

Example Sentences-

  1. Which bike is yours?
  2. How you stay here?
  3. Whose pan is this?

6) Possessive Adjective- They show possession or relationship. Some Examples are my, our, your, his, their, her, his etc.

Example Sentences-

  1. This is my car.
  2. These are their mangoes.
  3. It is his house.

7) Distributive Adjective- It indicates each one of two or more person or thing separately. some examples like each, either, neither, every etc.

Example sentences- 

  1. Each of them got a new school bag.
  2. Either he or she will go to school today.
  3. He likes neither cricket nor football.
  4. Every player has a chance to play today’s game.

8) Proper Adjective- These are made from the proper noun. Example Indian, American, British etc.

Example Sentences-

  1. I am an Indian.
  2. John is an American.

Note- Like a proper noun, we use the first letter as a capital letter in Proper adjectives.

These are the eight type we mentioned above. Learn them carefully to understand the in-depth knowledge. If you want to improve your English talking you should have basic knowledge of Grammars.

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