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10 Most Important Vocabulary With Example Day-14

IBPS PO VOCABULARYWe are going to publish a list of 10 IBPS PO vocabulary. You must focus on English vocabulary if you want to get a good score in the English section. We publish in the simplest way so that you can learn easily. Hindi medium students can also understand it quickly because we provide with Hindi meaning.

All the vocabularies are from The Hindu Editorial, which is so crucial for your upcoming exams.

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Here the list of 10 IBPS PO vocabulary

1) Agitation- अशांत, आंदोलन, खलबली

Agitation is a noun, which means “the act of disturbance”

Synonyms- Turmoil, Unrest, Disturbance, Disorder, Rage

Antonyms- Calm, Peace, Coolness, Quietness, Relief

Example Sentence- The majority of the school closed yesterday because of the agitation in the city.

2) Evacuate- खाली करना

Evacuate is a verb, which means “Leave a place”

Synonyms- Leave, Void, Quit, Depart, Abandon, Exhaust.

Antonyms- Load, Fill, Come, Adhere, Stay, Abduct.

Example Sentence- The flood victims evacuate the unsafe area and migrate to a safe place.

3) Overhaul- कायापलट, पूरी मरम्मत करना

It is a noun as well as a verb, which means “examine and revamp if necessary”

Synonyms- Revamp, Fix, Repair, Restore, Renovate, Rebuild.

Antonyms- Break, Impair, Spoil, Fracture, Damage.

Example Sentence- The mechanics have overhauled the whole machine in the factory.

4) Anonymity- गुमनामी

Anonymity is a noun, which means “being anonymous”

Synonyms- Secrecy, Namelessness, Aloneness, Oblivion, Isolation.

Antonyms- Fame, Popular, Reputation, Celebrity, Renown.

Example Sentence- There are so many Bollywood actors living anonymity life due to no work in hand.

5) Provocation- उकसावा, उत्तेजना

Provocation is a noun, which means “to instigate someone”

Synonyms- Stimulus, Motivation, Impulse, Encouragement, Spur, Incentive.

Antonyms- Suppression, Appeasement, Prevention, Mediation.

Example Sentence- Cheap politicians always provocate innocent people to get federal benefits.

6) Ponder- सोचना, विचार करना

Ponder is a verb, which means “to think or introspect”

Synonyms- Think, Evaluate, Meditate, Muse, Ruminate.

Antonyms- Forget, Neglect, Bury, Ignorant.

Example Sentence- We should give ourselves at least one hour daily to ponder.

7) Influence- प्रभाब, असर, प्रेरित होना, प्रभाब डालना

Influence is a noun as well as a verb, which means “the ability to affect any particular area”

Synonyms- Control, Power, Sway, Effect, Rule, Command.

Antonyms- Debility, Weakness, Inability.

Example Sentence- The influencers should not misuse their power against the law.

8) Underpin- निचे से सहारा देना

Underpin is a verb, which means “to support from the bottom or ground level”

Synonyms- Support, Help, Back, Uphold, Reinforce, Corroborate.

Antonyms- Accuse, abase, Undermine, Dismantle, Diminish.

Example Sentence- Basic knowledge of any topic underpins the whole subject.

9) Withhold- रोके रखना, दबाके रखना

Withhold is a verb, which means “suppress or refuse to share”

Synonyms- Keep, Hold, Suppress, Deny, Refuse.

Antonyms- Release, Give, Donate, Rander, Deliver, Pass.

Example Sentence- The opposition party withholds some crucial bills in the parliament.

10) Facilitate-सरल बनाना

Facilitate is a verb, which means “to make something ease”

Synonyms- Aid, Ease, Simplify, Relieve, Smooth.

Antonyms- Complicate, Hinder, Obstruct, Prohibit, Hamper, Foil.

Example Sentence- Gadgets are facilitating our daily life; at the same time, these are making us lazy.

These are the list of 10 important IBPS PO vocabulary. learn daily 10 vocabularies to improve your English. We will provide daily IBPS PO vocabulary.

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